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• There are no costs involved in putting your hotel on our sites.
• We will do all the work to find guests for your hotel.
• We advertise your hotel and help you increase your occupancy through our popular websites.
• Large distribution opportunities – over 1,000 partners and growing daily.
• An Extranet to manage your profile, descriptions, images, rates, inventory, special offers and reservations.
• Open and close free sale.
• Booking productivity and utilization reports.
• Prompt and efficient payment system.
• Joint promotional opportunities.
• You can receive booking` today for tomorrow with our system “Last Minute bookings”
• A dedicated Customer Service will handle your business relationship.
• A highly experienced team of people dedicated to growing the business.

In exchange, we need :

• The best rates.
• Availability throughout the year.
• Regular special offers.
• Your commitment to deliver excellent service to our mutual customers

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